Monday, February 21, 2011

English love sms-3

Friendship sms -1.

Love is like “missed call”.
It stops when U try 2 catch.
But Friendship is like “sms”
Bcoz it comes & stays inside Ur Inbox
until U delete it. So its upto u 2 keep & value a friend!

Friendship sms -2.

Loveless life is like a fruitless tree
but friendless life is like a rootless tree
Tree can live without fruit
but not without roots.

Friendship sms -3.

Years may fly,
tears may dry,
but my friendship with u
will never die.

Friendship sms -4.

MY friendship is just like a rubber band,
It is too flexible,
Stretch it as much as u can,
but if u leave it,
it will hurt u a lot, really a lot!

Friendship sms -5.

True friends r those,
Who care without hesitation,
Who remember without limitation,
Who forgive without explanation &
Who trust without communication.

Friendship sms -6.

Friendship & Medicine
both r good 4 our health.
They care us when we need,
but the only difference is that.
Friendship has no expiry date!

Friendship sms -7.
Friendship is like a glass
handle it with care
because once broken cannot be
mended n even if mended
a crack is always there !!!

Friendship sms -8.

Stars has 5 ends
Square has 4 ends
Triangle has 3 ends
Line has 2 ends
but Circle of our friendship has no ends.

Friendship sms -9.

I have a pen which is blue,
I have a friend which is u.
Flowers will die, waters will dry,
But our Friendship will never say Goodbye

Friendship sms -10.

God saw u hungry,
so he created rice,
Saw u thirsty created water,
Saw u in the dark,
created light & when
he saw u without a cute friend…
then He created ME.